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Some IMPORTANT INFO BELOW⏬ -Shop at #vanid clothing for the holidays❤️ & support other lovely independent sellers – there’s so many talented designers & handmade jewelry makers👌 that would love your business & feedback sincerely so much❤️ – since the holiday season is arriving I will be working on some new designs to add to my products that are for sale! – Also important news – I plan on giving away a few gifts to people who buy from me for the holidays! when items are purchased I am able to see on my shops a first name and state but that’s really the only info that is given to me. So if you would like to send me your name/address/&what you purchased – tell me your feedback on it- if you’d like to send that to my email and I will randomly select a few to send a gift of my choice to for shopping at one of my online shops❤️ because I love you all so much & I appreciate my customers so much! -other important news I plan on doing some research for a way to donate money to women/ladies who go through domestic violence-because that will be my emphasis with my art therapy career(soon to be) I’m getting closer/really close to my bachelors degree then on to my masters after📚) so I will be working on a shirt design I think soon & once I find a place to donate to if there are any then all sales on that design will go to them❤️ if anyone possibly knows of one Please let me know😍 that would be much appreciated! I love you all so much! -Vanessa.


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